We've Done Your Homework For You.

  1. Do you crave certain foods, like bagels, ice cream, or pasta?

  2. Do you feel exhausted too much of the time?

  3. Ladies, do you have fat stockpiled on your hips and thighs; or Gentlemen, on your belly?

  4. Do you have weak nails or dry skin?

  5. Do you seem to be losing hair?

  6. Are you sleepy after you eat?

  7. Is it near impossible to stop eating, after just one slice of bread?

  8. Does your brain often feel "fuzzy"?

  9. Are you a zombie if you don't get at least 8 hours of sleep?

If you said "Yes" to some, or all these questions, the Fast Food Diet may be just the thing for you!

Everyone knows that eating an ideal, balanced diet is best, but some of us know that we're just going to eat that Bacon Double Cheeseburger anyway.

If that's the case, this diet was made for you.

This plan simply suggests you stick with your Burgers, but this time try something new:

The secret is found in the Fast Food Diet

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