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This is not your mother's diet!

Cardiologists use same principles

Famous cardiologists use these very same principles in treating their patients with heart disease. Not only do these patients lose weight rapidly -- on the average 6-8 pounds per week -- but this system is actually benificial for people with other conditions such as hyperinsulinemia (a risk-factor that's used to predict the likelihood of heart attack) as well as diabetes and atherosclerosis.*

This diet is actually healthier than most people's regular diet. The FastFoodDiet is actually beneficial for people with heart disease (by far, the #1 killer in the US)

Yep, there IS a Catch!

You're right. There's a very specific biochemical technology (spelled out in the book) that transforms an ordinary (very fattening and unhealthy) Bacon-Double Cheeseburger, into a fat-melting machine.

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* As with any diet, first check with your doctor before you begin.
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