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Diet Secrets from The Best-Selling Diet Books of All Time!
Most people believe that going on a diet means studying one of those thick, tedious, scientific fact-filled diet books and then sacrificing the foods we love in order to lose weight ... and they're right! (Until now of course)

Introducing FastFoodDiet.com
Diet made easy.

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With "normal" diets, you gotta think way too much:

... weighing, measuring, wierd diet food, skimpy diet-sized portions, counting calories; you know the drill.

On the FastFoodDiet, you can put an end to diet frustrations ... Really.

Short & Snappy, (less than 50 pages counting the cartoons). We give you the least you need to know to lose weight, fast.

We give you what you want:

How to lose weight on fast food.

... statistics, scientific mumbo jumbo, double blind studies on lab rats ...
they take too long to read, and when you're sitting down to eat, who actually wants to HAVE TO remember that stuff anyway?

Besides, have you ever noticed that more data does not equal more weight loss?

On the FastFoodDiet we give you the bottom line and tools that make weight loss easy, and even fun.

Real-World Tools to Make Weight Loss Easy and Even FUN
... with the food you love.
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