McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, Taco Bell, Arby's, KFC, all of them!


1. IT'S GOOD. 
The Fast Food Diet, is the first and only diet that combines the effectiveness of the low-carbo diet with the pleasure of real world food.


Surprise Surprise! Low Carbodiet works better!!

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2. IT WORKS.   The FastFoodDiet is serious diet technology. It's grounded in the same metabolic science found in Atkins, CarboAddicts, Protein Power and Sugarbusters. Now retooled for the way we really live:
In the fast food lane.

3. IT'S DIFFERENT.  With the Fast Food Diet, you get something you won't find anywhere else. Power.  You get instant access to tools that have the power to impact your action. Our "Power Pac" includes our exclusive "Quick Cards" which give you the tools you need at the "Moment of Truth" -- in the drive thru lane. From Arby's to Pizza Hut to Taco Bell, you'll have the tools you need, when you need them most. Now you can get the kind of results that hard work, struggle and effort bring, without the hard work, struggle and effort.
The essence of metabolism
4. IT'S EASY.  The Fast Food e-book gives you the bottom line, just the facts you need to know.

In the typical hefty 300-page diet books, the author will present an important fact. Then, the next 20 pages are filled with proof, justifications, validations, case histories, university research studies, statistics, testimonials, and weird experiments on lab rats to prove that point.

Then, next fact, with 20 more pages of scientific proof.
Drive-Thru Debby-Sue: suffering is not my style!

We don't do that.
We've discovered a little secret you've probably known all along.
More information doesn't equal more weight loss.

When you're hungry and about to bite into a delicious mouthwatering Whopper, how much impact does that "1973 University of Nebraska study on metabolism", have on your choice in that moment?   Zero.

Because what you know doesn't impact what you DO !

The Fast Food e-book does not provide more information.
Actually, you get less but high quality information.

More information is not the answer.

We provide tools for effective action.


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