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You Can Have What You Want, When You Want It.

You Can Have What You Want, When You Want It.

Hi! I'm Fast Food Fred and you're about to get a taste of the most astonishing diet that's sweeping the country like wildfire!

At the Fast Food Diet, we've compiled the weight loss secrets of America's most effective and #1 best-selling diets, now retooled for real life.
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Learn the secrets other people only wished they knew:
  • Learn the one thing you must do which instantly allows you to eat fast food while burning stored fat, (like those 'love handles')

  • Learn what food -- found in your favorite fast food -- releases your body's natural fat dissolver

  • Learn what foods you should (and shouldn't) order at McDonald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut, etc.

  • Learn the top 7 foods you should avoid

  • Learn how to lose weight more quickly by actually eating more calories

  • Learn how "Fat Free" Foods can actually sabotage your weight loss

  • Learn how to activate your body's own natural fat- melting substance.

Now you can lose 4-6 pounds per week, enjoying the foods you love.

You'll learn:

  • How to eat Whoppers, Hot Dogs, Wings -- even Bacon Double Cheeseburgers-- while losing
    4-6 pounds per week

  • How "forbidden" foods like sour cream, butter, cream cheese & whipped cream can actually help you lose weight even faster!

  • How to eat as much as you like and still lose weight fast. In fact, rule #1 states, "You must eat whenever you are hungry"

  • Learn the right "fat burning food choices" from your favorite Fast Food Restaurants that actually speed weight loss!
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